Portable Flowmeter

 Water monitoring with a portable instrument


The portable flowmeter is the ideal solution for measure different parameters related to water as flow.

It is an instrument very appropiate to applications of the overead pipeline and underground pipeline.

This flowmeter uses a non-invasive method to take the measurements. It is efficient and it hasn’t moving parts.



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DFTP1 Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow and Heat Meter is a new product of SmartyPlanet released in 2013. It provides for precise and reliable ultrasonic clamp-on flow and heat measuring as other conventional portable transit-time products. Furthermore it has the advantages of wireless remote handheld operator function, panel USB data port and optional function of energy meters, can be used as a powerful portable energy flow meter.
The rechargeable battery can work over 50 hour, also can work with 110VAC/220VAC power supply for long time field monitoring.
Wireless handheld operator can be used to operate meters replacing the panel keyboard and read data remotely, the distance of transmission can up to 100m with no obstructions. It is more convenient for the applications of the overead pipeline and underground pipeline.
The meter provides multiple outputs: Data storage function, 4~20mA, Frequency (For Flow rate or Total flow), Relay (For Total flow or Alarm), RS485 (Modbus-RTU) output, wireless handheld operator and GPRS.
  • HVAC hot and cold water.
  • Food and beverage industry.
  • Power plants, heat energy boiler feed water.
  • Energy consumption supervision and water conservation management.
  • Energy measurement and balancing.
  • 50-hour (rechargeable) life, can work while charging with AC power supply.
  • Heat function (PT1000 paired sensors) available.
  • Buit-in large capacity memory and USB data download function.
  • Wireless handheld operator support remote operation and real time data transmission.
  • Non-invasive, cost effective and efficient to use.
  • No moving parts, no pressure drop, no maintenance.
  • User configurable flow rate, totalizer and heat flow.


Power supplyInternal 12AH charging battery
Provides 42 hrs. of continuous operation @ 20ºC
Charging power: 100-240 VAC
Velocity0,003 to 12m/s, bidirectional
Display4 line×16 English letters LCD, it can display total flow, flow
rate, velocity and meter running status etc.
Units rate totalized heatUser Configured (English and Metric)
Rate and Velocity Display
gallons, ft³, barrels, lbs, liters, m³,kg
kWh, GJ
OutputData storage function, 4~20mA, Frequency (For Flow rate or
flow), Relay (For Total flow or Alarm), RS485(Modbus-RTU)
options: Wireless handheld operator
Accuracy±1.0% of reading at rates >0.5 m/s)
±0.005 m/s of reading at rates<0.5 m/s
Sensitiivty0,003 m/s
Repeatability0,2% of reading
SecurityKeypad lockout, access code enable
DimensionsABS 207 x 104 x 36mm
Liquid type supportedVirtually most any liquid containing less tan 5% total
suspended solids (TSS) or aeration
Suited liquid temperatureTemp.std.: -40 ºC~121ºC
High Temp.: -40 ºC~250 ºC
Cable lengthStd: 6m (20 feet); Opt: Maximum: 300m (990 feet)
Pipe sizeStd M transducer: DN40-1000
L transducer: DN1000-4500
S transducer: DN20-50
K-mode round transducer: DN20-50
(For K, S transducer on the stainless steel pipe, It is better
that the thickness of the pipe is more than 2.5mm. If not,
please consult us, we have another solve plan.)
Transducer sizeS: Size:42*25*25; weight:<0.2kg
M: Size:60*43*43; weight:<0.5kg
L: Size:80*53*53; weight:<1.0kg
AccuracyPt1000, <± 0,1ºC

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