Smarty Sound

Environmental noise measurement and data analysis with Smartyplanet


Smarty Sound SP120 is a self-contained sensing solution specifically designed to aid sound monitoring in leisure areas, housing estates, neighborhoods, public works, premises, …

This Class 1 Sound Level Meter has been specifically designed for remote measurement of ambient noise in streets and outdoor areas. It is the ideal instrument to know on-line and in real time the acoustic quality of the city.

Smarty Sound is fully compatible with the Smartyplanet web platform so that the data recorded by the noise sensor can be analyzed instantly.




Smarty Sound SP120 is a complete application that allows, in a simple and real time, to monitor the state of the sound levels.
Smarty Sound is a self-sufficient sensorial solution specifically designed to aid in sound monitoring in leisure areas, housing estates, neighborhoods, public works, premises, …
The data collected by the sensors of this compact station can be registered and analyzed by the Smartyplanet web platform thanks to its total compatibility.
With Smarty Sound you can record, display, manage alarms and share data about the quality and degree of noise disturbance directly in the web application.
The robust design of the station ensures its good operation under any type of weather conditions.
The installation is simple and the maintenance required is minimal.
  • Measurement of environmental noise
  • Noise monitoring in road infrastructures, concerts, festivals, races, works, natural parks, etc.
  • Control of acoustic quality of the city
  • Control of nocturnal leisure
  • Analysis and creation of acoustic maps and public information
  • Generate warnings by noise levels
  • Maintain super-reduced
  • Resistant to hostile conditions
  • Unlimited Autonomy
  • Integrated Communications
  • Without complicated infrastructures
  • Visualization with Smartyplanet

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